Alessi Edge

Alessi Edge

Harry Hollingsworth

Product Design and Creative Innovation

Razors have been a part of day-to-day life for centuries. For over one hundred years we have had access to the safety razor, which has not changed dramatically since. The popularity of safety razors continues to rise, spawning new manufacturers and companies to offer slightly different shaving experiences. This system allows people to groom quickly and safely. With so many companies already in existence, thriving from the same product base, it can be difficult for anything novel to stand out from the rest.

This project sets out to research and develop a safety razor with retractable blades, utilising a mechanism in the head. The product is intended to eradicate the need for plastic produced razor guards, increase the life of the blades and reduce the risk of cutting the user when not in use. Additionally, the project aims to create a razor with a fresh look, distancing itself from the market as a brand-new take on what a safety blade razor can offer.

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