Boutique Hotel and Retail

Boutique Hotel and Retail

Lucy Tompkins

Interior Design

Never has a sense of community been so strong in the United Kingdom than during the Covid-19 pandemic when we have, through necessity, wanted to support local businesses and help our neighbours to make life that little bit easier.

The aim of my project is to create a hotel that not only is in the centre of a city, but also at the heart of a local community, therefore serving two important functions. The space will facilitate visitors to the city and expose them to the best the city has to offer by way of community focussed services, goods and locally sourced products. The retail environment, based at the front of the hotel, will offer the best of each local shop with the ability to change the space based on seasonal goods and trends. The hotel will also be furnished and serviced by local businesses with towels, soaps, fruit, vegetables and crockery which is all produced within a small radius of the building.

My selected building is 274 Deansgate in Manchester which is ideally located in a central location, serving both the needs of visitors and tourists within the city and also the local community of businesses and the foot traffic generated by them.

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