Life goes on

Life goes on

Jordan Bickerton

Fine Art

I am an Artist and Editor based in Middlesbrough. My work uses video and editorial processes to explore social and collective experiences through digital platforms and live stream mass gaming.

Through COVID the ability to socialise with others has reduced and these platforms provide collective as well subversive places of interaction. I take recordings from games I play as well as live streams with gamers and edit these into different series to reflect on the relationship between language and play, between public and private. My video works use this editorial process to highlight how we interact with streamers and their communities, especially within the lockdown environment. To succeed with this project, I have researched thoroughly on the different aspects within the industry to gain the best insight on how we are personally impacted by streamers. This includes how certain streamers don’t just use a streaming service to showcase games but also educational projects such as study sessions. I’ve learned more about the editorial process thanks to streamers who are willing to give their time and effort to teach their communities new skills.

I was inspired by David Blandy’s creativity due to his work via his video called Backgrounds (2013). The influence I gained by reflecting on his work was the understanding of how he conveyed a message through visual storytelling. This is what I tried to replicate in my own way by editing various clips into a visual story with a meaning which you can interpret. I personally hope that the audience will be inspired by my intentions on the message that is being delivered throughout the project.


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