Making the Subconscious

Making the Subconscious

Victoria Fothergill

Fine Art


In my work I am interested in the notion that, under certain circumstances, the subconscious mind might be revealed in one’s artwork.

Much of my work for a recent project (of project title ‘making the subconscious mind visual’) has emerged out of my experimentation with Rorschach ink blot tests. The Rorschach test usually works by asking an individual to view a random ink stain and record what they see or perceive within the shape, these are then analysed to examine and perhaps reveal an individual’s personality characteristics.  Following this (and some other experimentation pieces), I researched brain located, neuron assembles to discover how images might be formed in the one’s mind. Upon acquiring knowledge of neuron assembles and dream psychology, I began to make a body of separate works in an array of mediums to display in imagery form (almost like a dream) what the contents of my subconscious mind might look like visually, as art piece form

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