Sarah Parker


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I designed this collection to raise awareness for victims of rape and sexual assault.

Roughly 97,000 people in Britain are raped every year. This number is estimated because many people don’t report their assault due to fear of being blamed, embarrassed, or not being believed. To raise awareness of the increasing problem of victim-blaming, I have designed a collection of vinyl boiler suits and satin underwear. The boiler suits, inspired by prison uniforms and straitjackets, represent the invisible prison that victims are often put in by their attacker and those who don’t believe or blame them. The underwear is free and flowing and shows the freedom felt once a victim begins to heal from their trauma and start to see themselves as a survivor. 

Photographer- Robert Bedson
Model – Suzanne Luchmun, Salt Model Management
MUA- Nina Harper and students from Stockton Riverside College


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