We hope

We hope

Paul Cappleman

Fine Art

I draw upon images retrieved from the media, news reports and headlines regarding the effects of service. As well as my own experiences and seeing first-hand having been on the front line, both while in the military and later as a volunteer at Help for Heroes. In particular, the way this is manifested in the media representation of the current covid crisis and the different way we treat those who fall because of service on the front line as to those who take their own lives due to its effect. The work explores, through paint, digital and print techniques, the current climate, and the failings of support for those who are experiencing extreme pressure in the support of others. To take on this issue I use imagined images that depict figures from the front line of our current crisis, Nurses, Care Workers and Health Professionals.

To depict them I have used an unusual mix of processes, layering paint and screen printing to build up images where the definition of figures are obscured by ink and paint. By embedding the depiction of the individual behind swathes of semi-opaque substance, that at times appears to submerge the figure, I attempt to evoke a sense of being overwhelmed.

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